miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): LUDMILA from RUSSIA

We've been very busy of late at the EOI with the end of course exams and, as we have mentioned in a previous post, we won't be sending any new postcards abroad till the beginning of the next academic year, in September; nevertheless, we still have a lot of things to share which we will be posting during the Summer: the postcards we receive and the city descriptions that were written by the Advanced 1 students.

The following postcard came to us from Ludmila, who lives in the Siberian region, near Omsk, and 5530 kilometers away.

The image in her postcard shows a big postcard with a Russian inscription (maybe 'I love sending letters?') inside a globe with some of the typical monuments and landmarks of different countries (Russian Kremlin, Tower of Pisa, London's rain and double-decker buses, a Dutch windmill, the Pyramids... and a couple of planes flying around. It is a very apt metaphor of how we travel when we write to other places.

The text isn't too long, but it comes with some niceties: a sentence in Russian and some beautiful stamps, with pictures of Russian monuments.

Thank you, Ludmila, for your generosity in sending this card and sharing an intimate piece of yourself in your card too!

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