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Have you ever heard about post crossing?
I´ve discovered it last year and in my personal opinion it is like a breath of fresh air among so much technology.
The idea is very simple. It just consists of a traditional exchange of postcards!
Yes! Exactly, like before internet existed.
What do you think? Interesting? Are you ready to use again pen and paper?

Well, Let me tell you about the experience!

I sent my first card last year. I think it was December and the postcard was sent to Brazil. It was written to a girl named Eliane...

It was something strange because when you write a post you don´t know who is the person that you are writing to.....but maybe, that aspect is the most interesting of the postcrossing.

As you describe something or somewhere of your own city...other people describe to you their own

All these things considered, you could think that it looks so boring Writing a letter, sending it and waiting, waiting..... and waiting that someone writes to you... Wouldn’t it be easier to send a text message?, Maybe..... but, What about the surprise of getting a card into your mailbox?

Yes, that´s the point!. When you are into postcrossing and after sending some cards you´ll receive some others and each one will be a little surprise.

 The best of all will be that feeling, in between curiosity and impatience when you receive new notices..... and at the end you could discover the most singular places around the world because they won´t be shown by guides or travel books but shown directly by personal and subjective experiences.

 Try it! and Join us!

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