domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): YEGOR from RUSSIA (TWO POSTCARDS!)

The following postcard was sent to us from Russia. It was sent by Yegor, who lives in Moscow, 3585 kilometers away!

On the card we can see some pictures from the 1993 revolutions that led to the dismantlement of the USSR: demonstrations, Boris Yeltsin as president, tanks assaulting the Russian 'White House', ...

The text on the card is quite long and very interesting.  Yegor tells us a bit about the historical period represented in the card, and also about the language that appears in it (it isn't Russian! it is an artificially constructed language (like Esperanto) called Lidepla. Yegor also tells us about the difficulties and hopes he has of joining university after the Summer.

Yegor sent us the postcard at the end of June, so when it arrived, our school was on holiday, and we didn't get to see it until September. Because he was worried the postcard might have been lost in the mail, he sent us another one!

In this card we can see a Soviet poster from the 1920s; on the back, Yegor tells us that he has successfully managed to enter University, and wishes us the best in our studies.

Danke gro, Yegor!

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