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Gerino Saborido on SPOKANE!

Spokane (also known as the Lilac City), is a city in Washington State, in the northwestern United States. It is located on the Spokane River, west of the Rocky Mountain foothills in eastern Washington, touching Idaho.

Spokane has a population of 208,916, making it the second largest city in Washington.
The city is served by Spokane International Airport, 5 miles (8 km) west of downtown Spokane.

The city has exciting culture and a robust infrastructure. Downtown is an emerging cultural center having undergone billions of dollars in new investments over the past few years. The population refers to themselves as "Spokanites", signifying a united community.

There are several museums in the city, most notably the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.

Spokane is known as the birthplace that led to the proposal and eventual establishment of Father`s Day as a national holiday in the U.S.
The Lilac Bloomsday Run, held in summer on the first Sunday of May, is a 7.46-mile (12.01 km) race for competitive runners as well as walkers that attracts international competition.

Spokane is close to dozens of lakes and rivers. People use these for swimming, boating, rafting, and fishing. Nearby mountains provide skiing, hiking, biking and sightseeing.

Spokane's streets use a street grid that is oriented to the four cardinal directions; generally, the east–west roads are designated as avenues, and the north–south roads are referred to as streets.

The Spokane area has six major hospitals, four of which are full-service facilities. The healthcare industry is a large and increasingly important industry in Spokane; the city provides specialized care to many patients from the surrounding Inland Northwest and as far north as the Canadian border .


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