sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

1st Postcrossing Meeting - Galicia

Today we celebrated the first postcrossing meeting in Galicia. More specifically, in Ribeira!

The organization was the result of the good work, as usual, of teachers Diana and Raquel Pastoriza, and put together the three sections of the EOI Language School (Main School, Sar, Ribeira, Noia) which are participating in the postcrossing project this year.

Because of the weather, we changed the initially planned treasure hunt for a visit to the Ethnografic Museum of Artes, which proved very interesting indeed. There we were guided in out visit by a Ribeira EOI student, María Fernández Lampón.

After lunch, we went to the local library, where we saw an exhibition of postcards and wrote a bunch of our own. In this activity we had the participation of two Basic 1 students: Fran and Laura. Thanks a lot for your collaboration and enthusiasm, people!

A special postcard was designed for the occasion: it included, among other things, a poem by Manuel Antonio.

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  2. Thank you, Manuel, for this beautiful entry! And for your attendance and enthusiastic participation. Thank you to Laura and Fran too, it was a pleasure to have them here!!