viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): ALEKSA from LATVIA

In the last weeks we have finally received a whole bunch of postcards from abroad. The first one to arrive was written by Aleksa and comes from Latvija, Riga.

The image on her postcard shows us the coat of arms of Latvia, flanked by a lion and a griffin, and with three crowning stars (representing the three traditional regions of the country, I think) on top.

The text of the postcard isn't too long, but it includes some gems, like words in Latvian (like Sveiki, which I think means 'hello' or 'greetings') and a quote by Abraham Lincoln.

Thank you, Aleksa, for your generosity in sending this card and sharing an intimate piece of yourself in your card too!

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