sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2016

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): HIMEHIME from JAPAN

This postcard was sent to us from Japan. It was sent by Himehime (I think this is her postcrossing nickname, not her real name, as it means 'princess-princess' in Japanese), who lives in Tokio, 10725 kilometers away!

On the postcard we can see a spectacular view of one of Japan's feudal castles; as you can appreciate, their architecture is quite different from their European counterparts, with slanted roofs, a lot of wood and plaster and not so much stone. They are also from a later period than our castles (16th century onwards) and take into account gunpowder weapons in their design. The one we see in the picture is Kōchi castle, in the island of Shikoku.

On the card, Himehime tells us a few things about herself and some words in Japanese! One of the stamps also includes a picture of ramen, a very popular soup / stew with meat, noodles and spices that is adored by Westerners and Japanese alike.

ありがとう, Himehime!

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